The Ancillary Review of Books, a very cool new outlet for reviews, criticism, and scholarship, published an essay of mine: “Patterns, Guts: Style and Substance in This Is How You Lose The Time War“.

Books one hates are easy to write about. Books that are troubling are often satisfying to write about: gives one a chance to think them through. Books that sweep me away, that I’ve fallen head over heels for, are by far the hardest to write about; it just takes a long time to be able to say anything coherent about them beyond “this good, you read!” It was nice to try to move beyond that in this essay.

Got some nice buzz and feedback on this, too—both authors responded on Twitter, with Max Gladstone giving me some unintended heraldry and Amal El-Mohtar sending me blushing with a wonderful review-of-a-review.

I’m serious about that annotated version, by the way, and my own copy would probably make an okay jumping-off point: