Idiomatically, I might say: I can’t believe Chicon is here already! But the truth is, friends, I can believe it. Indeed, I cannot disbelieve it. I’ve been running around like mad doing various tasks to help out, and I’m super excited that the con’s about to start. If you’re interested in catching me on panels, here’s where I’ll be:

  • SF Scholarship for Fans: Thursday 9/1 @ 11:30am in Michigan 2, also streamed live to Airmeet 7.
    Pretty jazzed about this one, as the overlap between scholarship and fandom is kind of my whole deal.
  • So You Want to Be a Reviewer: Thursday 9/1 @ 2:30pm in Grand Hall L.
    Also very excited for this one: I take reviews seriously, and this is a great list of panelists. I believe this panel is going to be targeted in the “practical advice” direction, but expect some broader thoughts & theories, as well.
  • Queerness, Taboos, and Love (moderator): Monday 9/5 @ 10am in Michigan 2, also streamed live to Airmeet 7.
    I’m kind of the emergency moderator for this one, but I’m looking forward to it: this an academic panel, and both papers sound excellent.

I’ll be running around doing all kinds of stuff for Friday-Saturday-Sunday, and I’ll probably to write up at least a few things for Positron; I’m not doing the full Hugo guide for Ancillary this year, but plan on doing some post-award analysis (because I just love those Sankey diagrams, and the potential of preferential voting, so darned much).

I’ll also be at a few of the Fringe events! Hope to see you!